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Hacker, Businessman, OSS Maintainer and trying to understand the world. I have a Sponsor for my OSS work at: https://github.com/sponsors/Toasterson and mostly blog about whatever I do and think about in my Blogs. Hope you enjoy


Latest articles

Von Neuman Devlog Ep 1

While I wrote some devlogs on things before this one is the first from my Strategy game (Von Neuman). I plan on making this a weekly entry with the current status. It wont always be long but it will engage people with the game and #bevy #rustlang #gamedev #gamedesign A lot of people want to show and write code but as it is a strategy game I find it is also important to actually sit and write things down. This week was one such week and I would like to elaborate a bit on the overall idea I have for the Gameplay.

One year of streaming

Making an activitypub Server from scratch in Rust

In this blog post I sum up and review the experiences gained from last Stream. Check out the [VOD](https://youtu.be/RuvVvxwT1tY) If you like this content and would love to send me some treats you can Subscribe on my [GitHub Sponsor Page](https://github.com/sponsors/Toasterson) or checkout all the other pages via [Linktree](https://linktr.ee/toasterson) If you would like to have me as a coworker or consultant I am available for hire! #fedihire

Setting up a new Rust Target with a cross compiler

In this Blog post I'll be showing you how to setup a new rust target on a platform that requires GCC to link binaries. specifically making a illumos ARM target

New Personal federated Blog

I have a federated Blog now!